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The Hidden Name Of Our God

A parable in the story of Esther

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How approachable are our kings? We have the mightiest of mighty kings and we can boldly come before Him in righteousness and royalty which were not our own. Blessed be the Name of Yahuah Almighty. 

It is widely known that the book of Esther is an enigma for a variety of reasons.

Do you have an Aunt Myrtle? One is the very name of Esther. Her Hebrew name was Hadassah is a female form of the word for Myrtle tree. It also means compassion and hidden.

the name Hadassah

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The name Esther was given to her and was likely part of Cousin Mordecai's advice to keep her heritage hidden. The word Esther means "star." It is from the near Eastern deity Ishtar. This name has taken many forms (Oestra, Aster) and is the same word from which Easter was born.

Call me quirky, but I find this a little intriguing. Here are some facts about the scenario of Esther, the book and the queen. These are the hidden things within:

  1. The name of Yahuah.
  2. The real name of Esther (bride of the king).
  3. The heritage (jewishness) of Esther.

Here are some things hidden to the English speaking Church today.

  1. The name of Yahuah. All instances of His actual name written in the Hebrew have been changed to LORD or GOD in the scriptures. 
  2. The real name of the holiday known as Easter. In Aramaic and Greek, the New Testament believers celebrated the Pascha or Passover of Messiah. Many King James Bibles list Easter in them, but the corresponding Greek word was "Pasha."
  3. The heritage of the Church (bride of Messiah). All of the disciples were Jewish and lived life as Jews. In Acts we see evangelism to the "nations" or gentiles. They are invited to partake in the cup of Yeshua (salvation) and then learn each week as the Scriptures (Torah, Writings, and Prophets) are taught. 

All this is said for me to point out an encouraging word. I believe we can look at the church as a form of hidden Esther. I think there will come a time when we will need to declare our heritage in order to save Yahuah's chosen seed. Our heritage has been hidden long enough. Perhaps we have been brought up for such a time as this. We see wicked "Haman's" all around, seeking to destroy whom God has blessed.

It may risk our very lives, but we need to approach our Heavenly King in prayer and fasting and even approach our earthly kings in boldness to rescue an entire population.

Have you ever celebrated this beautiful Biblical holiday? We invite you to come celebrate the Feast of Esther known in the Bible as Purim. We will celebrate the glory of deliverance in our Savior.