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To start celebrating spring feasts, try Feast of Esther

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Many people have wondered about these Biblical feasts. I think we often over think them. Perhaps we have a spirit of perfectionism. Perhaps we are just a little insecure. So often we think, "What if I mess it up?"

Some people think that they might dishonor God (Elohim) by doing all kinds of traditional stuff. I use Yeshua's criteria for this: Does it interfere with the actual commandments of God?

You leave the commandment of God and hold to the tradition of men. Mark 7:8

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There are seven feasts which actually ARE commandments of God. Do you have any customs, any celebrations which stand in the way or in the place (in stead) of the feasts of Elohim. Have you told yourself that they are "Jewish" and that doesn't include you?

Here's something to consider... A distaste for things "Jewish" can get in the way of your obedience. I would like to encourage you to refrain from turning away from things because they are associated with Judaism. Historically, that has had some awful consequences. The Jewish people have carried and protected the scriptures for thousands of years.

The Feast of Esther is a special holiday. It is a time to celebrate a mighty work of Yahweh. The celebration is Biblical, but is not commanded. So, look, the pressure is off. You can just have fun with it and reeeeeelax. No mitzvot (instructions), no judgement. 

In Esther's time, they simply celebrated and gave gifts. It's a party. Have there been traditions constructed throughout the ages? Yes. Many of those have developed through the middle ages. Many people dress up in costumes. Who doesn't like that? 

The Lion of Judah family gets together and we eat, we read the Bible, we sing and dance and worship. Some (mostly children) dress up in costumes. The children play pinata and jump in for candy.

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Our Esther (Purim) celebration is this Shabbat (Saturday) at 4 PM. Join us in the fellowship hall of Lifepoint Church in Tallahassee. 

If you have ever wondered about these Bible feasts, come join us and JUMP IN.