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A Call For Discernment

An Ancient Dilemma

This week we talked about discernment. Can you imagine if Moses was not able to discern the voice of Elohim? Can you imagine if the disciples never caught on, and when Messiah died and arose, they just went on vacation?

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Eve says she was deceived. The enemy disguised himself as a serpent. How does he dress up now? Movie hero? Rock song? Rocky Road ice cream during a fasting day? 

Sometimes we need to step back from our current situation to get alone with our Abba. We need that heavenly perspective. We need that Holy Spirit discernment in an age of noise.

What does that look like? It looks different for each person. For some, it may be a "break" from media or social media (just not this blog) for a while. Maybe He is calling you to step away from your favorite TV pastor for a season. I have known people who loved their pastor very much, but were told to break off from that congregation and do something different. 

If you lack discernment, ask. Pray for an elder to come into your life to give you that heavenly sit down, and tel it to you like it is. 

If you feel called to share discerning warnings, do so. However, pray that the seasoning of peace and love be all over your advice. I have lost more than one "friend" over something that did not need to separate two people. Keep in mind that people are very attached to their movies, their sports teams, their chocolate sundaes. You might step your cleats on a naked toe or two. Just pray for grace to deliver the word.

Have you ever had a time of less (or more) discernment? Have you ever seen a time in need of such discernment?