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Good Morning Holy Spirit

7 Steps To Morning Victory

· Encouragement

When you awake every morning,

do you drag yourself out of bed? Or do you smile and breathe in the breath of God?

The word we see in the scriptures for Spirit is "Ruach." This means breath. Do you often think of the fact that you, the sanctified believer can breathe in the very breath of God. Like Adam.

Doesn't it make sense if our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit? That being the case, doesn't it make sense to take a deep breath each morning and thank Abba for His Spirit inside us. Doesn't it make sense to treat your body with care?

Remember all the details of the construction and care for the tabernacle? We can actually care for ourselves with worshipful care. The self-help culture of today promotes a version of this - except that option looks an awful lot like self-worship. However, the Kingdom version is reverent to the Creator. You and I are vessels. We are meant for the very presence and purpose of Yahweh.

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Try this...

  1. When you awake, breathe deeply and praise Abba for His indwelling Spirit.
  2. Quickly stand up and stretch. Lift your hands up in praise to Yahweh.
  3. Kneel down on the floor and bow in His presence.
  4. Begin your morning adoration.
  5. Praise Him for at least three things that you are grateful for.
  6. Petition Him for intercessions for family and friends.
  7. Decree and proclaim victory in the name of Yeshua for all your petitions. 

Sometimes, we believers are fearful of ritual. There can be a problem with formulas, at times. However, the world is gaining ground on certain aspects of routine. Efficiency and success experts are realizing the importance of a "Miracle Morning." But often, they miss the greatest miracle of all.

Developing good habits is important. Good habits overwrite our body's bad habits.

A believer has a gift available for the morning - for the day. Joy.

If you have been walking around with a long, sad face (maybe you don't even know it) take a few quick moments to center your identity with God in the morning. Breathe in His very breath. Walk the path each day with victory and infectious shalom. Let this be the peace that puzzles the world. Let them try to imitate, and hopefully, reach out for the breath that is in you.

Let each morning be your Holy Spirit morning... coffee optional.