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Keep The Blessing Rolling

Sharing the love with everyone you meet.

· Encouragement

In His presence is fullness of joy.

Have you ever met someone and thought, "Man, I should have said more about Salvation to that guy?" Maybe that was a prompting, but maybe you were doing more than you think.

Remember the apostle Peter began to have a "following" as he went about in the Spirit of Yah. People would "arrange" themselves so that his shadow might touch them and they might find healing (Acts 5:15).

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The older I get, the more I see that our witness is so important. 

I have met many loud talking Christians with much to say about Jesus/Yeshua, but little depth. I know it might seem that I am imposing a burden on you, but the actions are what we are told is "true religion."

I believe a devout believer can seek Yah first and make a huge impact with just about every encounter. A "Hello" from a set-apart, Holy Spirit filled person has real medicine in it.

Sure, there are promptings of the Holy Spirit to say a word in it's time. These apples of gold will have their effect as well. Here are a few suggestions to making a daily impact.

  1. Seek His Holy presence in every day. Greet Him and connect with God each morning, and don't turn it off. As you rise, bow down to your knees and bless His Holy Name, inviting His Spirit/Breath into your lungs. 
  2. Mentally gird yourself with your cloak of blessing. Remember that you have the blood of the Savior flowing through you and His Spirit in your lungs. You are blessed, so thank Him and proclaim it outloud. 
  3. Consider your evangelism as the work of the Holy Spirit. It is not your job to make someone a Christian. The point is that the very word "Christian" means many different things to many different people. Christianity should not be our goal. Jesus/Yeshua and His Kingdom should be that.
  4. Pray for the people you see and meet. Instead of thinking, "Boy, that guy is scary," or "That's a silly hair-do." Pray for them. Is it obvious that someone needs a better nutrition and exercise regimen (like me), don't pray as the pharisee did, pray for them in humility and true compassion.
  5. Smile, smile, smile.
  6. After an interaction, perhaps you feel that you should have said more, or given a 4 Spiritual Laws presentation. Pray about this. Is this really the prompting of the Holy Spirit? Or do you feel like it is YOUR job to do more? In other words, are you guilting yourself in this? In my experience, when the conversation comes up, it was placed there. The Holy Spirit opened that door. Either way, pray. Ask Abba for the wisdom and discernment. And pray for that person. 

The Joy You Share Is What The Kingdom Offers

If you are known as a joyful person, no matter what happens to you, or for you, God/Yahweh will be glorified. One recent testimonial from a person I had just met was essentially this: "I saw the joy in this family, and when I discovered that they had lost their child, I knew that I did not have that kind of joy. I wanted that in my life."


Christ/Messiah is glorified. In our lives, in our conversations. I believe that this has something to do with that statement that we will be judged by every idle word (Matt. 12:36). If we are in His presence and living out His Kingdom purpose on our lives, we have no idle words. They all carry blessings of healing. They all carry joy...

Even when they are, "Hello."

Share a joyful word below. If you haven't done so, leave your email address below and we will get a notice out to you after every new post. Be blessed and keep smiling.