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Good Morning Warrior

You might just do more than you thought.

· Encouragement

You have all the weapons you need.

If you missed our service this past week, you missed a good one.

We had a wonderful scripture reading together, plus inspired singing and praising.

But then..

Our prayer time became a move of the Holy Spirit (Ruach). We each felt impressed to fight. We battled in the spiritual realm regarding many world-wide issues.

Brothers and sisters called out in intercessory petition regarding homeless in China, human trafficking, and for law enforcement personnel. We prayed for healing for certain individuals. We challenged ourselves to be used for the purposes created in us by our Creator.

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Pray the scriptures.

The words of scripture have been ordained. They are sanctified. It was so impressive to hear the words of our Savior recited in prayer. We can confidently proclaim truth that is in the Bible. We can confidently pray rebuke upon unrepentant scoffers.

Keep fighting.

In recent months, I have seen David to Goliath kind of victories. I am convinced that there is much success to be had in our prayers. Will you commit to praying through these victories for Israel, America, and the world?