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The Candle of Hanukkah Is You

And His Light Burning In Our Temples

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Have you ever celebrated the custom of Hanukkah? If not, you may not know that Hanukkah predates Christmas by hundreds of years.

At Lion Of Judah won a messiah we celebrate Hanukkah every year. Hanukkah is the time of year when the true advent happened. The advent of the Christ child, Messiah, appearing in the womb of mother Mary.

Hanukkah is not one of the biblical commanded appointments, feasts, mentioned in Leviticus 23. However it is an incredibly rich time to both commemorate and celebrate.

Many Christians feel that celebrating Hanukkah would take away from their family traditions. Many believe that it is somehow even sacrilegious to celebrate Hanukkah. We like to point to the fact that our savior visited the temple on the feast of Hanukkah. (John 9) While there may not be a command to go ahead and celebrate it ourselves, we believe that it is sufficient reason to highlight the day.

That very temple that Jesus walked in on Hanukkah, is the temple that was cleansed and dedicated for the Lord a few hundred years prior.

As the savior fills us with his Holy Spirit our temple has been cleansed of the old sinful, pagan ways. And, in turn, we have dedicated our souls and our hearts to his purposes. If you study the feast of Hanukkah and the history of the events that we celebrate, you will see an amazing Account of spiritual warfare and victory.

King Solomon one said that the soul of man is the candle of Yahweh. Come and join one in Messiah/Lion Of Judah during Hanukkah to experience a spiritual memorial. May we be virtual lights into the world as the light of the Savior burns deep inside our very hearts.