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Stick Together Like...

We need each other.

We are each other's helper.

This is going to sound a little negative, but I hope that you will walk away encouraged.

We have just witnessed an abomination.

The state of New York's politicians just recently signed into law a bill which allows for the "legal" ending of life for babies in the womb - up to full term.

How sad!

If a culture will persecute a baby...

Let this be a warning to us that we are in a spiritual war (as if we weren't already). This is actually celebrated by the lawmakers.

Think for a moment on how people are not just throwing away discernment. People are shaking their fists at God's protection.

In the past, people groups have sacrificed their babies. Even the Israelites did so, and the proof is in the scriptures. This is cited in Jeremiah (and other scriptures) as a reason for exile from God.

So, these people have stated to the world that they have NO desire to receive God's blessing. It is my understanding that in those referenced eras, people were sacrificing in order to appease an angry pagan deity, but it was thought to be a necessary, yet tragic need.

Do you get what I'm saying here? In the past, people, sadly, gave up their babies to die in order to (according to the belief) survive. Now, the babies are being destroyed AND it's making them happy - I'm talking celebratory happiness.

If you ever needed your brother and sister before, you shore need each other now.

We can now, see evil coming out in the light. No longer does this ceremonial killing hide behind dark doors. It is promoted and paid for by our government. Anyone who can sentence a baby to death, is capable of accusing any innocent person of crime. So, beware.

Yet be hopeful.

We are one step forward in seeing our King as He will come and reign supremely. Say goodbye to those who claim to be in a supreme court.

Also, we are being forced to rely on each other, which is the design of community. You may be starving, you may thirst, but the real water comes from the Rock.

Salvation is here.

The first time Moses brought forth water from the Rock, he struck it with his staff. The second time, he was not supposed to strike the Rock. Last time Yeshua came to bring Living Water, He was struck by the rod of Rome and despised by many whom He came for. The next time, He will do the striking. He will bring His water of life, but He will bring His rod of iron.

May we mourn for the losses.

May we seek shelter (physically and spiritually).

May we celebrate, even now, that He is the Way, The Truth, The Life.

No man can take away our inheritance.

Be strong, chosen child of the King!