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Remember Those In Prison

Can you feel the loneliness?

· Encouragement
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Remember those in prison, as if you were there yourself. Remember also those being mistreated, as if you felt their pain in your own bodies. Heb. 13:3

Most of us cannot imagine being in a place where we have zero ability to reach out and touch the ones we love. Many of us think very little about what it would be like to be taken away against our will - to watch the faces of our family as we are driven away. 

When we go to college, when we take another job, even when we go away on a mission trip, we know that we can visit our loved ones. We know that there is an option to retrace the steps of that journey and land back on the shore of our home turf. 

Not so for the prisoner. No matter what he has done or whether he deserves it, it is a lonely place to be. Perhaps that is just the place he needs to be. Nonetheless, it is a situation that leaves us utterly powerless, and for many - hopeless.

It is an amazing call for sympathy to instruct us as the Holy Spirit does. He demands sympathy (some would call it empathy) that seeks to understand and remember as if you are actually there. 

Pastor Mike and I have been going into the prison to meet the men who have turned their lives to the Messiah in hope. The rewards for us have been many. We carry the blessings of prayer and testimony every week. 

I ask you to seek His will regarding the prisoners. Spend time in prayer, purchase materials, and consider these two things. Support a prison pastor. Go - visit and teach the Word yourself.

Come join us at Lion Of Judah in Tallahassee for a weekly update on the 3 prison congregations that we serve.