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Do you know any Messianic Fellowships?

And have you ever visited one?

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Have you ever visited a Messianic congregation? Perhaps you don't even know where they can be found.

I will admit that Messianic fellowships are a unique breed. And there are so many different flavors, if you will. Some look really close to a Jewish synagogue. Some look no different than most contemporary churches. 

Lion of Judah is somewhere in the middle there. If you have never visited a messianic service, you might think that some things look odd. If you have been in orthodox Judaism or a strictly observant Messianic fellowship, you may feel that there is a wee bit of liturgy missing. 

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Our main purpose is to get together and worship. The fellowship with the Holy Spirit can be rich as we gather and seek His face. If Messianic fellowships are new, or foreign to you, it should not take long for you to breathe easy and soak in the breath of Yah. 

The best thing to do, when you visit any congregation is to soak it in before you kick in the criticism boosters. Traditions are not inherently bad. If they were, powerpoint should be banned, pews should be thrown to the curb. 

If you are interested in visiting a Messianic or Hebraic Heritage gathering, simply google "Messianic fellowship finder" or something similar. Many ministries have a tool for finding them.