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Are You Still Patronizing Big Social Media?

"But I just posted all my cat pictures!"

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4 Good Alternatives for Social Media

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Should a Christian be on Facebook and Twitter? Well, there are different reasons for using the social media platforms these days. Many people keep up with the lives of their former high school classmates. Some people keep up with family members. Others make some money on the side with these platforms.

A few months ago, when the government started forcing churches to close, I received a little flack on those very platforms, from those very people whom I just mentioned. The arrest of Rodney Howard Brown should have been a wake up call to everyone (believer or not) that something was seriously wrong. People spoke very ill of Brown and others who chose to keep worshiping in the midst of the Wuhan virus. Then, when I stood up for His constitutional rights, i heard comments such as, "That's selfish. You can kill people. The church is not a building. We are all in this together. Blah blah blah."

My comment was, "Is God faithful? What about the constitution? and... That facebook company can turn your video preaching off in a second."

And one by one the facebook posts and pages went dark.

What can you do if you believe in things like God, nuclear family, equality, guns, police, medical freedoms, and a little thing called the constitution? We have just watched essentially mass hypnosis. It is as if Hollywood too an entire year off to join in an internal war and simply produce propaganda films.

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Israel is no stranger to this. For decades, they have been victim to staged riots and terror attacks, while the news company stood by waiting to roll film. According to many eye witnesses, attacks have been literally coordinated with the cameramen in the same fashion as a hollywood movie set. "and... action!"

So, the big tech media companies have stolen your constitution. Many believe they have stolen the election. Those witnesses who claim to have evidence have been silenced by Twitter, Facebook, etc. What do they have to hide? Wouldn't a free press want to put out the evidence?

So, I believe it is clear we have been betrayed. There seems little we can do except mind to our households and pray for Messiah to come. Well, there are a few simple things we can do right away. If every believer said, "No thanks Facebook, I'm out of here." They would feel it. We can just walk away.

We have recently had conversations at One In Messiah regarding new media platforms to switch to. I have been trying them (many of them) and here is my short list of recommendations.

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Many people have switched to Parler. I have not had a good experience with that app. They were shut down by Amazon and they are still, at the time of this article, scrambling to make it work. I have enjoyed Gab Social. It has lagged a bit due to the influx of Twexit people (Twitter exit) but it is especially sweet to read the bold statements of faith by the founder. MeWe is a Facebook alternative. It works real well for me. You can start a group (I started Torah Family Marketplace) and do all sorts of things. It truly is a viable alternative. If you are looking for a Youtube with conservative content, check out Rumble. I have struggled in posting on the app, but I am apparently the only one, because there are quite a few Youtube stars moving over.

There is a nifty all called FaithSocial. It is a facebook for Christians. It can be real handy, if you want to find fellow believers and share prayer requests.

An interesting app, that is supposed to be encrypted for safety is Telegram. Telegram is a private messaging app. Many alternative news journalists have created a group chat, which is easy to join. You can receive a notification anytime an update is posted. It pretty much works like FB messaging. I believe we will start using this as a way to update each other of future events at One In Messiah.

Are we going to keep giving up our freedoms for these big teck free handouts? Why not give the liberty minded platforms a try.