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Are You An Overcomer?

Lessons from Cuba

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This past week, we had a special testimony from a mom and a daughter.

Miss G. and her daughter (along with a friend) were blessed to represent the body of the Savior on a mission trip to Cuba.

After a good time of reading and praise, they stood before the congregation to tell of the many miracles that took place on their trip. Many people were impacted and many were saved.

They also shared about the tremendous amount of favor that was on them during their travels and their stay.

And they were victorious by the blood of The Lamb and by the word of his testimony.. - Rev. 12:11

I think, most notable to me was the account of a man who boldly proclaimed that he was a Marxist and that he did not have a need for religion.Miss G. simply shared the love of Jesus with equal boldness. In the end, she was able to pray for his healing and he prayed to repent and put his faith in the Messiah.

All praise and all glory go the Father in heaven for the many lives changed by these obedient servants of Yah.

Is the Holy Spirit (Ruach) speaking to you about changing the world? Is He planting thoughts and ideas about evangelism? Let this be an encouragement to you. You can do it! Because it is Yeshua who strengthens you, and His Spirit fills you.

Did you know that you are an overcomer?

we are victorious by him who has loved us. - Rom. 8:37

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