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A Portion Of Blessing

The Weekly Scripture Reading

Most Jewish synagogues read scripture out loud together. This is true for many Messianic congregations and churches. This may be a tradition, but it is a Biblical tradition.

There has been a schedule for many centuries for reading through the Torah (first five books of the Bible) together. This is referred to as the Parasha, which simply means "portion."

With the Torah, there are scheduled readings from the Psalms (Tehilim), Prophets (Haf-Tarah), and the New Testament (Brit HaDashah).

We know that Jesus took part in public reading in the synagogue. We also hear Paul and BarNabus mention that this is an ancient custom that continued then each week on Sabbath.

Therefore, I conclude that we shouldn’t create problems for Gentiles who turn to God. Instead, we should write a letter, telling them to avoid the pollution associated with idols, sexual immorality, eating meat from strangled animals, and consuming blood. After all, Moses has been proclaimed in every city for a long time, and is read aloud every Sabbath in every synagogue. - Acts 15:19-21

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The early Netzarim (Christian disciples) continued this tradition each week. Paul reassured the Jerusalem council that the new Gentiles who converted will receive weekly Torah each Sabbath. 

At Lion of Judah, we all partake in a Torah (instructions) reading each Shabbat. It is usually a selection of the scheduled reading - with discussion and teaching from Pastor Mike.

The current Parasha schedule allows for the reading of the entire Torah in an entire year. Using a schedule like this helps tie each congregation with each other. In other words, there is a unity throughout the world as groups get together and read the same section of scripture. It also ties us together with Jews and Yeshua followers during the early first century.

If you are interested in more info regarding this ancient practice, check out these two resources.