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What We Know About The Messianic Symbol?

Ancient discovery reveals much about the earliest Church.

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The image above is fantastic. It is an artifact found in Mount Zion. This was believed to have been created by early Messianic Jewish believers. At that time, the believers called themselves Netzarim, or Nazarenes.

As you can see, it has a menorah and a fish, which was a symbol of the early church. The lamp stand and the fish tale overlap to create the star of David. In the eye area of the fish is the ancient Hebrew letter TAV which also resembles a cross.

This is considered to be a stand to hold a vial of anointing oil. There is an Aramaic inscription which states, "La Shemen Ruehon" (For the Oil of the Spirit).

"Beyond the historical background of the Nazarenes, the first Jewish believers who founded the Jerusalem Church, the Messianic Seal itself proclaims to the world the pervasive Jewishness of Jesus Christ and the decidedly Jewish foundation and roots of the church founded in His name. The Messianic Seal of the Jerusalem Church," Fischer continued, "strikes at the very roots of anti-Semitism while proclaiming a compelling message that restores unity: Jew with Jew, and Jew with Gentile. The importance of this discovery cannot be minimized. The Messianic Seal is not only just the key to understanding the Dead Sea Scrolls, it can and should shake the foundations of the church and orthodox Judaism with its incredible message of unity and love. It breaks down barriers that have existed for millennia and points the way toward restoration." - Bob Fischer, president of Olim Creative Products and co-author with local historian and artist Reuven Schmalz of their book, The Messianic Seal of the Jerusalem Church

Much can be learned from this picture that speaks a thousand words. May we be drawn more and more to the light of His presence as we learn of the pure and undefiled nature of true faith in Yeshua.

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Below is an informative article on the Messianic symbol from the Jerusalem Church.