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Welcome Messiah!

Celebrate His Coming.

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Messiah is in the feasts - the feasts are in Messiah.

The following is a list of our Feast Celebrations At One In Messiah Florida. Come celebrate the Savior who is coming for his chosen ones.

Trumpets/Yom Teruah

Also known as Rosh Hoshanah, this service will be marked with the blowing of shofars. Bring your shofar, if you have one.

September 29th @ 6 PM. Meal followed by a Trumpets service.

Tashlich Service

Symbolic throwing of stones in the waters.

September 30th @ 11 AM at Tom Brown Park

Yom Kippur

Shabbat Shuvah - Sabbath Of Return

October 5th @ 4 PM - 6:30 PM

Yom Kippur

Day Of Atonement

October 9th @ 3 PM - 7 PM


Build the Sukkah 

October 10th @ 5:30 PM

Decorating the Sukkah

October 11th @ 3 PM

Sukkot / Feast Of Tabernacles

October 13th @ 6 PM - 8:30 PM

Celebrate The Savior's Birth

October 19th @ 4 PM-6 PM

Shmini Atzeret (Shabbat)

October 20th @ 6 PM

Meal afterwards. Bring Biblical foods to share.

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