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We are beautiful. But does it fade?

Looking forward to perfecting.

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I think of the song, "I feel pretty..."

Do you feel beautiful as the scripture describes?

All flesh is like grass,
and all of man’s glory like the flower in the grass.
The grass withers, and its flower falls;
but the Lord’s word endures forever.Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. - Leonardo da Vinci

I Peter 1:24-25

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Trees are certainly beautiful, but not like flowers. The Bible often gives us a comparison with trees that reflects strength. But your beauty is more like the flowers in the field. Look at this photo. There is a reason the photographer captured this. Quite simply, it is a beautiful scene. I think this is what our Abba thinks of us.

But these flowers are not a permanent fixture. They have seasons. We obviously have seasons. Our outer beauty, our flower-ness eventually fades. We become faded, if you will.

Sorry. It is truth.

But while we are here (on earth), we can continue to shine. We can remain in bloom. The way these flowers and this field impacts our senses,  

The above video is so fun.

We have enjoyed this company for their scripture songs.

Where is your confidence?

The Word of Yahweh lasts forever. We are so blessed to have the promise of eternal life, and that is huge. But there is so much to this life if we feed on His word.

Hey, we can look to ourselves and our beauty, that is given by God, and we can forget what we look like, but it's not that likely. If that happened, we would be able to startle our own selves each time we walked by the mirror. But as silly as that may seem, we essentially live that scenario when we do not actually DO what the Word instructs. If we hear the word, but do not allow it to change us, we are like that person who forgets his own reflection.

Look into the mirror of truth

Walk out His Word in your life and you will continue to show forth His beauty. You will be a true flower of the field for as long as He allows you. Then, one day, if you have any withering, you will get a real makeover. His Living Word will renew our lives to be with Him (the Savior) forever. Amen.