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Tips Choose healthy food

Read Leviticus Chapter 11

Most of us are aware of the benefits of a balanced diet and healthy eating.

But being aware of the benefits is only half of the solution. As believers, it is important to keep the Bible as our first source of healthy food considerations.

You need to know how to choose the foods that will be best for your health. God did that for His children to keep them healthy. If you are His child, He wants you healthy as well.

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Depending on your daily routine, you may or may not eat at home most of the time.

Start your day with a healthy and well balanced breakfast. Many people are finding great benefits from intermittent fasting. There is another concept promoted in your Bible.  

Eating at home usually involves more meal preparation time, this is important because preparing a good meal takes a lot more time than simply eating some junk food. If you can afford to prepare your meals at home, this can dramatically increase the quality of your meals, not only can you choose exactly what you eat, but you can choose how it is prepared and pick out the quality of the items yourself.

Any meal you eat, whether at home or while out should consist of the proper balance of proteins, starches, greens and vegetables. By balancing your meals you are ensuring your health and the quality of your life.

Choosing the food you eat based simply on the label at the supermarket is not always the best choice. Sure, an organic or diet version of a favorite snack, treat or dessert may be a better option than the regular version, but is it the best option. Is it based on a Biblical philosophy of food? Look for healthier alternatives for snacking in between meals, low fat cereal bars and natural products, fruit and juice. Just check the labels to make sure it does not have GMO (The Bible warns about mixing two types of plants in one firld) ingredients. Many packaged foods have hidden pork in the form of gelatin.

Often, it is not so much the amount you eat but rather what you eat, and when, that makes the difference.

Avoiding food with high quantities of sugar is also very important. Choose Biblically healthy foods when cooking at home as well.

When away from home and eating out, look for healthy options. Fast food offers speedy advantages but often has no real nutritional value. Stuffing yourself with useless calories will fill you up momentarily, but you will soon find you are hungry again, and this can often lead to a vicious cycle, leading to high levels of junk food intake per day. Choose full meals whenever possible; look for beef and chicken based organic products whenever you can.

If you are on the run and need to eat as quickly as possible, look for the healthiest options for hotdogs and burgers. Check online to make sure they use all beef ingredients. Try natural sandwiches made on the spot, there are many natural fast foods that can be just as quick as the conventional ones, while providing much better quality to your diet.