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Share The Joy In The Feast Of Purim

Lion of Judah Tallahassee invites you to join us.

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The Feast of Purim (also known as Esther) will begin at sunset Saturday, March 11.

Every year people in the Tallahassee area gather together at Lion Of Judah Tallahassee to feast and worship in joy.

The Feast of Purim celebrates the Biblical story of Esther and her successful courageous sacrifice for her people, the entire Jewish nation. This is just one of the many times that the pagans have tried to annihilate God's chosen people. 

Many Messianic families celebrate by spending some time in fasting before the feast. The Queen Esther, in the Biblical account, pleaded with the people to pray and fast over her mission to plead with her husband, the king. 

The people of God are constantly in trouble with secular and pagan world systems. Many times, we (like Esther and the prophet Daniel) receive heavenly favor in the midst of earthly kingdoms. While some of us may be prospering, we need to consider those who aren't. 

Look at the conflicts in Jerusalem today. No matter what happens, it seems that misinformation officers of the Media are able to spin a false narrative to garnish sympathy for the aggressor-terrorists rather than for the people of the land - the Israelites. Even more harm is enacted on believers in many parts of the world.

Visit the ministry International Christian Concern for the latest news and how to pray. You can also make a huge impact by helping in one of the many dire situations listed. 

As in Esther's time, sometimes the name of our LORD seems hidden. But His hand is visible everywhere. Even though, we must be vigilant in prayer now, the day will soon come. We will feast and worship with the King of Glory. 

Come to Lion Of Judah on Saturday, March 11 for worship, reading, prayer, and feasting.

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