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Our First TV Show is out there.

Jesus In The Passover

· Messianic

What Does Passover Mean To Christians and Jews?

Watch this new program to discover the rich meaning in the Passover.

Discover the depths of Passover and it's Tabernacle revelation.

Join MOne In Messiah leader, Mike Sundin along with Stan Kmet and Duane Thurmond.

Hear how the elements of Passover and the activities of the Tabernacle deliver powerful prophetic significance.

Was Jesus the Messiah? Was He the Passover Lamb?

This is not the usual display of the Passover elements as object lessons for Christians. This teaching brings the Word of Salvation for all mankind through the teaching of the Body and Blood of Jesus/Yeshua. Comment below if you would like to learn more about the Feasts of The Bible.

Did you learn anything new?

Did you know that a still picture taken from this video shoot shows a clear depiction of an angel in the smoke. I see that as an anointing over the project. Thank you to everyone involved. Please share this with your friends and anyone who would benefit from learning of Jesus in The Passover. Receive each article directly in your email every time one is published. Enter your email below. Be blessed my friend.