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One In Messiah

A Promise Of Unity

· Encouragement

What does it mean to say that we are one in Messiah? Has Judaism been done away with? Has the church become the new Judah?

There is neither Jew nor Aramaean, neither Servant nor Free person, neither male nor female, for all of you are one in Yeshua The Messiah. Gal. 3:28 Aramaic Bible In Plain English

Unfortunately this verse has been used to claim that all Judaism has been done away with. There is a belief that God's chosen ones are not His chosen, but the Christian gentile church is now the apple of His eye. This is the replacement theology that says that the Christians are the new Jews essentially. However, most would argue with that.

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Without getting too far into that squabble, I would like to simply encourage us all. Whether we were born of Abraham, or born of... not Abraham.

If we read to verse to say that there are no more Jews, then, we would have to read it as there are no more men; that women are the new men. That is the parallel given by the scripture. I think it is clear that the verse is saying that Salvation is for ALL. For Jews and gentiles, for men and for women. That covers us all.

However, we are all now children of God through Messiah and children of Abraham as well. Let's read the whole paragraph and rejoice in our unity. We were never intended to divide.

For you are all children of God by the faith of Yeshua The Messiah. For those who have been baptized into The Messiah have put on The Messiah. There is neither Jew nor Aramaean* Greek), neither Servant nor Free person, neither male nor female, for all of you are one in Yeshua The Messiah. And if you are of The Messiah, you are therefore the seed of Abraham and heirs by The Promise.

Halleluyah, we are also heirs of the promise. We are not aliens anymore. We are welcome to the blessings and the provision, as well as the protection of His chosen ones - together, each believer. Let's act like it. Let's dance. Let's sing, for we are one in Messiah! Amen!

Are you glad to receive the blessings of Abraham through Yeshua/Jesus Messiah?

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