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How was your Hanukkah?

Christians are re-discovering the feast of re-Dedication.

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Hanukkah Events

We had a great time Saturday night, December 8th. This was the seventh night of Hanukkah.

The families arrived to a darkened hall. The lights were out. The power was black.

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We started anyway. A few minutes into it, we sang a song. There was no powerpoint, no sound system. many of us did not know the words, but we could figure out the chorus. "Let there be light," was what we sang. The lights came on immediately after that line. So, there was a lot of snickering and flat-out cracking up. We continued, even though the Light was there already. Our prayers turned into praise.

How appropriate for Hanukkah.

When we celebrate the time the light was returned to the Temple, and the Light of Yah visited the Temple, the light returned to our little synagogue.

We shared a meal. We played dreidel. The children had fun with a Pinata and all the candy that emerged out of its head (Captain America). We lit our candles and shared time to read the miraculous story out loud.

Have you celebrated Hanukkah yet? I have heard from a few Christians who have shown a real interest. Let's hope it continues. Well, now it's over and we have over a year to wait for the next one. But, that's alright. Purim is coming. That is another commemorative feast, albeit, not instructed in Torah. Look for my Purim Prayer pages, coming soon. .

How was your Hanukkah? Did you celebrate at all?