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How Do We Handle Self-Sabotage In The New Year

· Encouragement

If you've been struggling with a certain goal and things just don't seem to be working out for you, take a look at the setbacks that were encountered and evaluate the situation.

Could any of the obstacles have been avoided by making wiser choices on your part? Are there a significantly high number of obstacles that have arisen for this one particular goal? If so, you may be self-sabotaging yourself.

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A great way to get in touch with your inner self is by spending time in prayer and proclamation. Ask yourself what you're afraid of.

What fears do you have? What uncertainties? What makes you feel uncomfortable about this goal? For what reasons would you try to hold yourself back? Using a journal to write these questions and answers can help too, because writing can help you to connect with the deepest part of yourself. It might take time and practice, but exploring these possibilities can dramatically help you to get out of the self-sabotage rut.

When we finally understand that God is on our side and He is the author of our success, we will be set free from metal limitations!

By developing clarity and insight about the outcomes we want to create, and the awareness for potential setbacks, we can stop the self-sabotage and focus our energies on working toward new goals that we will fully support in every way. We can rest in the fact that God is in this.

We will then look back one day and see that instead of being our own worst saboteur, we have become one of our own biggest fans.

God loves you dearly. When we think of the way we look down on ourselves, we should realize that He wants us to live in victory over every adversary. There are enough bad guys out there already. No need for us to be the ones dumping on ourselves.

Walk in victory. Walk in His provision and protection.