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How Do We Bridge The Gap?

When will we just love one another?

I often speak to my children about building each other up. The Biblical mindset is all about that.

However, the Marxist mindset believes the only way to build one up is to tear down another. The childish lack of knowledge surrounding the left in this country has a see-saw mentality.

People tend to blame Christians for the ills of society. If they are doing well, (in the mind of a socialist) they must have brought down the atheist, or the "someone" of another religion. How did we get to the point that Hollywood is writing the script for the news? How did we get such sloopy scripts?

Someone claiming to be a Nazi kills someone at a "chop down our history statue and replace with a Che' Guevara idol" crowd. So, here we are again. It is not that this is a graven image that concerns the hollywood press. It is the subject of the statue.

I get it, but now statues are on the teeter totter. Yes, they cannot leave a blank spot. Look for the answers that they want. What kind of a statue would they prefer. It is likely that the ones who burn a candle of hope in this being the only beneficial, non-murderous marxist nation ever, will prefer a host of bad paper mache' busts over Generals.

What do we do? We pray. We have been seeing a complete slander job. No Christian that I have ever known has hailed anything but disdain for Nazism. Yet, the scripted ones continue to pretend that this represents conservative Christians. Wow, why are you being so desperate to tip the teeter totter your way? Why do you think that you need a kill in order to live.

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You know, we could just edify each other. We could just lift each other up. People, I mean. You know... show love. Share a Coke, and, sure, a smile. I speak to the faithful. Why get pulled into the dialogue with people who have made a career on dividing people.

Here's your reality show, Hollywood and Cable News -

Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers. Gal. 6:10

So to the family of believers (because I doubt Marxists read my articles), let's do good. Don't get pulled into a false construct for racially tearing one group down in order to look victorious.

People will see you and want some more of that salt. Live and share your true joy.