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Be A Blessing

Blessings are listed in the Bible - Cover To Cover

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You Can Be A Blessing To Everyone

I was talking about the weather one day. I happened to be recalling a particular hot day in July. It was my daughter's birthday. As I recounted the story, I was saving the best for last, like a good story teller should do. You see, even though it was super hot and sweaty, our daughter had stated that this event had been the best birthday ever.

So as I told my tale to the small group of friends, I mentioned the oppressive heat and the sticky, sweaty people and the claustrophobic effect that it might have had on me. As this was a record breaking hot day in Central Florida I stated, To me, it was the worst day imaginable."

You see, I am a dad, and if I could order a day for my daughters big day, it would not include 100 degree heat in Florida humidity. So, before I got to explain that my perception was wrong and that our little princess thought it was the best day ever, someone reacted.

"What? It was the worst day imaginable?!!"

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This was a friend who had spent that day with us. He was so offended. He did not even let me finish with the good part of the story. How my perfectionism and negativity was changed in an instant by a bright and shiny little girl. I became speechless. Then ashamed. Then I was looking for guacamole.

What is my little point here?

Well, I learned my lesson about blessing and curses. In this case, I should have started off with the happy ending (after all, it is fairy tale land we are talking about here). I did not intend to, but I hurt someone, nonetheless. Perhaps I was trying to be hyperbolic for effect, but hyperbole can be a trap, as it was on this occasion. Have you been a curse to people unknowingly?

We all have that ability to actually be the blessing or be the curse.

Are you more interested in sharing your opinion, or are you a good listener? I don't think you can be dedicated to both.

As Moses said, "Behold, I set before you this day a blessing and a curse:" - Deut. 11:26

I say that you have it before you each day to, not only receive blessings or curse, but to give them, to literally BE that blessing.

Pastor Mike has been studying the effects of intentional blessings. He has commissioned a few people to write or print physical blessings on their bodies and there have been some amazing results. We will share that with you soon.

Which do you choose today? To be a blessing, or be a curse?