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A Season of Gap

Working The Fields

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We just enjoyed a beautiful Pentecost, known in the Bible as the Feast of Shavuot (Weeks).

We celebrate the giving of the Torah and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. At One in Messiah, we enjoyed a time of worship and revelation. The Holy Spirit edified the congregation through the imparting of knowledge and wisdom through a special time of testimony.

The teaching was about the what Mike calls the "tri-unity" of God. There is often a little confusion as to the nature of Elohim in regards to the roles of Father, Son, and Spirit. There are plenty of versions of visual aids to explain this mystery. We need to be careful to keep from misrepresenting God Almighty.

The Ruach (Holy Spirit) cannot be ignored in the redeemed child of Elohim. We were promised a helper. We cannot do this thing without His help. It was promised and on Pentecost, it was fulfilled in such an undeniable way.

Is your faith undeniable? Are the gifts flowing in you? If not, seek Him. Don't make a book or instruction manual from man be your next turn. Worship Him in spirit and truth and let His Spirit move in His will and His time.

We now enter the summer, there are no Biblical holidays. It is the time for most to roll the sleeves and get things done. Carry on, my friend. Be ready for more than you have imagined to grow in this season. The harvest in the fall will be great.

Just don't forget to rest. To sabbath. To take the 7th day and rest and reboot.

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