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A Look At The Biblical Esther

Clues To Hidden Israel

· Messianic

Can looking at Esther give us clues to our identity?

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Have you ever celebrated the Feast of Purim? Purim is a Biblical feast, yet it is not a commanded feast. It was established by Esther's uncle Mordecai to celebrate victory in the face of annihilation.

Condemned to repeat?

How many times has the Adversary tried to completely wipe out the people of God? Pharoah and his army - Antioches - Hitler - The Roman Church. These, and more stand as examples of mighty men who tried to wipe out every Jew from the face of the earth.

Wicked Haman

This is what Haman did in the biblical account of Esther. The story is so poetic in it's delivery. The very actions of this wicked man came back on him and God's (Elohim's) people were rescued and even elevated to prominence.

This is what happens when people come against Yah's annointed ones.

This is why we celebrate Purim. The lots were cast but the Yahuah had the last Word. Almighty became the Victor. This feast is a time of joy, feasting, and some silliness. Most people who celebrate dress up and perform plays as they read the book of Esther. You might see dancing, singing, and maybe even some candy for the kids.

Things Hidden

“Therefore you shall not be afraid of them, for there is nothing covered that will not be revealed, and hidden, that will not be known. What I tell you in the dark, speak in the light; what is whispered in your ear, proclaim from the housetops.” - Matt. 10:26,27

Maybe you don't see it this way but stick with me for a moment.

  • The name of YHWH is not mentioned in the entire book of Esther.
  • The Israelite, Hadasah, was hidden in the very courts of the the Persian King
  • When the time came for Yah's people to suffer - Hadasah had to show herself and risk it all.
  • Today, many people do not truly know the name of YHWH. Even in our Jewish and Christian Bibles, the name has been hidden and replaced with the title of LORD. 
  • Many of Yah's chosen ones are hidden within our society today. Even in a church that replaced the very name of the feast of our Savior's deliverance (Passover) with essentially the same name - Esther/Easter.  
  • The time is coming for the many "Esthers" to show their true heritage. At our own peril, we may be called to step up and plead for the very lives of Yah's remnant. 

Jesus also said to them, “Does anyone bring in a lamp so he can place it under a basket or under a bed? Doesn’t he set it on a lampstand? For everything hidden is meant to be revealed, and everything concealed is meant to be brought to light. Mark 4:21, 22

Are you an Esther?

Do people mock Yah's chosen people today? What about the Torah? Have you heard preachers mock God's Word? Have your family members sneered at your New moons? Your Festivals? Your Sabbaths? You are seeing the fulfillment of the prophecy. But in the end time, true worshipers are going to be called out and this will take guts. This will take Esther kind of faith.

"Let no one therefore judge you in eating, or in drinking, or with respect to a feast day or a new moon or a Sabbath day," Col. 2:16

The Lot Will Be Cast

One day, and it might be soon, many will try to hide or blend with the world. The heat will be too much. But that is not what we are told to do in the end times. We are told the exact opposite.

"And I heard another voice from Heaven that said, “Come out from within her my people, lest you share in her sins, that you would not receive from her plagues." Revelation 18:4

The Rewards

The rewards will be great. We will be called to celebrate. Many who think they are in the kingdom will fall ("even the very elect"). However, it is all good news for true followers who will come out and identify themselves with the new KING who will sit on His throne in Israel. The time to identify as His disciple is now... not once the tables are set. According to the scripture, if you deny Him here, He will deny you before the Heavenly throne.

I happen to be glad to graft in with the Olive Tree. I am not ashamed to call myself Christian, or Israel. It is the gospel of His Kingdom, and I intend to serve Him then... so why not serve Him now. I do not hide myself under the cloak of Persia. I do not sit in safety in Babylon. I proclaim out loud what is whispered in my ear. What His Spirit has told me in the dark, I speak in the light.

The King Is Coming! Be Ready!